"Handbook of Flow Cytometry Methods"

No new editions of the Handbook are available. Instead, the authors have developed Current Protocols in Cytometry which is available from Wiley-Liss Publishers.


J.Paul Robinson
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz
Phillip Dean
Lynn Dressler
Hans Tanke
Leon Wheeless


The Handbook contains 250 pages of basic and advanced flow cytometry methods. List of suppliers and chemicals used are included. The Handbook is a compilation of methods from many research scientists throughout the world, and provides some useful insights into the practical problems of running flow cytometry assays. More information can be found about the Handbook by going to [References Areas in Flow Cytometry].


The Handbook is available from:


Wiley-Liss, Inc.,
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY, 10158-0012
ISBN 0-471-59634-5


The current edition was published in 1993.


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