PUCL Job#1093 Flow Cytometrist - UCLA HEALTH SCIENCES (posted Aug 11, 2016)

Perform professional work in support of scientific research. Contribute to the development of research goals for the BSCRC. Working collaboratively with multiple investigators, determine the most suitable methods to be used in research. Independently perform scientific investigative procedures requiring application of professional judgment. Interpret experimental results and determine whether they are consistent with experimental goals. Review pertinent literature for information that will further research goals. Prepare reports of research for presentation or publication. 

Perform flow cytometric analyses and fluorescence activated cell sorting using multi-laser cell sorters on human and non-human animal cells including embryonic and other pluripotent stem cells to find, characterize and isolate stem cells and progenitors from both non-human and human origins. Work with investigators to establish experimental design. Maintain flow cytometer's peak performance and optimize instrument configurations for specialized investigations. Operate and maintain FACS instruments, coordinate instrument service and trouble-shoot problems. Maintain accurate experimental and machine quality control (Q.C.) records, including Biosafety measurement for aerosol containment. Perform and train investigators in data analysis using specialized software programs. Develop mechanisms for tracking instrument use, Flow Resource SOPs, applications, and user qualifications.


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