PUCL Job#1086 -- Lab Specialist - Utah (June 10, 2016)


Lab Specialist


Requisition Number: PRN11462B


Job Summary

The University of Utah is recruiting a Flow Cytometry Specialist to assist in the daily operation of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility. The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides cell-sorting and analysis services to both internal and external investigators.  The Flow Cytometry Specialist supports facility staff and provides assistance in the overall workflow including calibration, operation, and maintenance of all sorters and analyzers. The Flow Cytometry Specialist is responsible for providing guidance and assistance to new and existing facility users and will have the opportunity to work on several different instrumentation platforms. A level of training of junior staff members will also be a component of this position.


Current lab instrumentation includes: #2 BD FacsAria cell sorters, Propel labs Avalon Cell sorter, #2 BD Fortessa analyzers, BD X20 analyzer, BD Celsta analyzer, BD Canto analyzer, BD Facscan, Cytek DXP.


Facility website:


Duties & Responsibilities

·       Performs daily calibration, operation, startup and shutdown, routine maintenance, and basic troubleshooting of all sorters and analyzers.

·       Performs low, medium, and high-speed bulk and custom multi-parameter cell sorting of various cell lines and cell types from murine and human tissue/organs.

·       Weekly cleaning and organization of all analyzer rooms and main sorter rooms.

·       Weekly decontamination of all sorters and monthly cleaning of all analyzers

·       Weekly/monthly data archive and database management of all sorters and analyzers

·       Assists facility users in multi-parameter data acquisition and analysis using various software including: Diva and FlowJo

·       Provides assistance to new and existing facility users regarding instrument operation, panel design, experiment troubleshooting, and data analysis

·       Restock and order lab supplies and reagents

·       Communicate effectively with other team members and facility users

·       Organizing flow cytometry related seminars

·       Standardization and development of laboratory SOP’s




·           Requires a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience with a scientific background.  Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences preferred with 5 years experience in a laboratory environment

·           Experience in immunophenotyping and flow cytometry preferred

·           Excellent customer service skills

·           Must be able to work flexible hours



Salary and rank will be commensurate with the applicants experience and training.



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